General Fabrication

We have an unlimited range of general fabricated items from one-off items to mass produced, that can be used in all forms of industry from storage tanks up to 10000 litres to a door push plate. Here are some examples:

Shop fit outs including benches- shelving-wash up sinks-cleaner sinks, over shelves- under shelves-drying racks- splash backs-kick plates-skirting-decorative items, commercial exhaust range hoods.

Food processing industry – conveyors, racks, shelving, machine frames, trolleys, work benches, tanks, guards, equipment stands.

Schools – bubbler and hand wash troughs, canteen upgrades, stainless steel mirrors, balustrades and handrails.

Hospitals – security grills, lead gown hangers, aqua get bottle holders, glove dispenser, step platform, lifting arm, food trolleys, lifting device, general repair and maintenance.

Wine fermenting tank, environmental oil and solid separator tanks, oil skimmers, fuel and water tanks, brackets, top hats, range hood flus, boat rails and repairs, billy carts etc. etc. etc.

You imagine it! We can probably make it!